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Crush & Brew makes its home in Carmel, Indiana area, providing beverage retail and bartending services for any event or occasion. We are currently searching for the right spot for our brick and mortar location, so for now we encourage you to contact us about our beverage services.

Thank you for supporting Crush & Brew!

We strive to serve with generosity, lead with expertise, and craft exclusive experiences for every community, every person, every moment.


1 You won’t have to scour the bottom shelf here. We always look for the best, and we will never serve or sell anything that we can’t stand behind.


2 Whether you’re searching for someone to cater your next event or someone to help you pick out the best wine or beer, we’re here to guide you. No exceptions.


3 We bring the exclusivity of Napa Valley tours to the Midwest in downtown Carmel.


4 We are servers, bartenders, event planners, wine representatives, and restaurateurs. You present the problem. We’ll find the solution.